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When it comes to buying, selling, or just a health checkup on your own property in Tampa Bay, there is much to consider. The value of the property is largely contingent on the condition of the property and its components that drive its livability. The components that gauge the livability are the roof, climate control, electrical, plumbing and appliances within. In addition to a houses components, the overall structural integrity of the property needs to be properly evaluated. The sole job of the Home Inspector is to evaluate the condition of the property at the time of the inspection in relation to structure and its components. The purpose of the evaluation is to bring to the forefront any deficiencies that could end up very costly to the parties involved. The majority of the time the deficiencies can be the subject of prevention now rather than functional failure later.

We at Tracer Inspections strive to provide a comprehensive and concise report on properties and their components. We use state of the art tools in the process of inspecting for the most accurate outcome. We look to educate the buyer and seller on the state of the home and surrounding grounds. We work to protect both the buyer and seller through education. We find that issues are usually minor and the large potential issues are usually obvious before the inspection has been ordered. Customer service is our job and we are motivated to provide a detail oriented service using state of the art equipment at a reasonable rate. In addition, we have great knowledge of site preparation, erosion, soil, and landscape draining issues. We are Florida natives and have great insight on our state and the properties it possesses.

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